The Wedding Ceremony was Elegant, Solemn and Beautiful…  but now it’s time for the Wedding Reception and your guests have come to Celebrate with you and have Fun!

From the time that your guests arrive at the reception to the last song of the night, the music can set the right mood for a fun – filled evening of celebration and dancing. Creating an atmosphere that is charged with fun, laughter and excitement will let your guests know that they are a part of this very special event and it all starts with the Introduction of The Bridal Party or Grand Entrance and by simply adding a couple of special little tweaks here and there can go a long way in creating the desired effect.

Selecting the music for the open dancing at your reception can be a real challenge. Your taste in music may not be the same as that of your guests, take into account the music that they may like and remember that people will enjoy dancing to music that they are familiar with and music that brings back fond memories. It is also important to remember that not all music is suited for dancing, such as Hip-Hop. The lyrics and content may not fit in with a family oriented atmosphere. Keeping it Grandma friendly can certainly set the mood for a fun time… besides she might just want to get her groove on.

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